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Counseling Services

Participating in our counseling sessions will greatly aid you in making optimal academic choices that align with your career preferences.

Guiding you towards career-oriented counseling

Putting a spotlight on upcoming courses and future careers

Participating in interactive discussions with university representatives

Test Preparation

Easily achieve your best possible test score with our qualified, skilled, and committed tutors who will effectively get you ready for the tests you aim for.

Participate in live online classes and try out demo sessions for free.

Access study materials that are both simple and highly effective.

Benefit from tutorials and practice tests that are designed to improve your scores.

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Choosing the Right Course, Country, and University

We assist you in selecting the perfect course, university, and country that aligns seamlessly with your career goals, academic aspirations, and financial considerations.

Make accurate academic and career choices

Evaluate universities through rankings, courses, and scholarships

Explore course alternatives at over 700 universities in 31 countries

Application and Admission Process

Select the appropriate intake, apply efficiently and on schedule for courses and universities that suit you best, and receive offers promptly.

Smooth applications with guaranteed admissions

Top-notch Statements of Purpose (SOPs), Letters of Recommendation (LORs), and Resumes

Keep track of your applications and stay connected with universities in real-time.

Application and Admission Process


International universities provide numerous scholarship opportunities, and we'll assist you in recognizing and applying for the scholarships that best match your qualifications.

Receive updates on the most recent and valuable scholarships

Instructions on the application process for scholarships

Receive assistance with crafting scholarship essays

Student Loans

Getting an education loan to pursue studies at your dream university is now more convenient than ever!

Access Study Loans from over numerous prominent Banks & NBFCs

Tailored financial planning to match your university requirements

Effortless and straightforward documentation process

Visa Application Process

Visa Application Process

Our proficient visa specialists will assist you in organizing and presenting your visa documents to Embassies and High Commissions, ensuring a smooth and quick visa approval process.

Comprehensive assistance with visa documentation

Impressive track record of successful visa approvals in all countries

Practice sessions for mock visa interviews

Foreign Language Coaching

Our sister company, El Manana Foreign Languages, delivers coaching services for learning foreign languages. Below mentioned are the list of languages we teach:


Introducing Our Life Coaches

Manoj Ramani Founder
Mr. Manoj Ramani
Founder, Vidya Education

Mr. Manoj Ramani, the visionary founder of Vidya Education Foreign Languages and a skilled polyglot, has utilized his linguistic expertise to connect with students from diverse backgrounds. His profound understanding of foreign cultures, gained through personal experiences of living abroad, enables him to provide students with a realistic perspective of the global landscape. In addition to language coaching, Manoj’s unwavering commitment extends to student visa consultancy, assisting students in navigating the complex process of studying abroad. His exceptional polyglot abilities, combined with his expertise in visa procedures, make him an invaluable resource for students seeking a comprehensive educational experience. Through his guidance, Vidya Education Languages empowers students to achieve their language proficiency goals and successfully embark on their study abroad journeys.

Ms. Janki Maradiya, our esteemed Managing Director, brings over 16 years of expertise in providing coaching for foreign languages and international English exams. As a polyglot, she fluently speaks multiple languages, allowing her to effectively connect with students from diverse backgrounds and cater to their individual needs. In addition to her language coaching prowess, Ms. Maradiya also provides invaluable student visa consultancy services, guiding students through the intricacies of studying abroad. Her dedication to excellence and passion for language education make her an invaluable asset to our institute. Under her exceptional leadership, we uphold our commitment to providing exceptional language coaching and comprehensive support for students pursuing their language learning journey and study abroad aspirations.

janki maradiya md
Ms. Janki Maradiya
Managing Director, Vidya Education